Crawl Anywhere 3.0.4 available

The new version 3.0.4 of Crawl Anywhere is now available. 

New features


  • Monitor crawl progression in administration status page (processed pages, estimate remaining pages, elapsed time, estimate remaining time)
  • Choose an alternate crawler output queue for a target


  • New MetaExtractor stage

Bug fix

MongoDB related fixes

  • compatibility issue with MongoDB 2.4.4
  • too many open connections

Html page cleaning

  • Snacktory method enhancement (less agressive)

Upgrade from v3.0.3 to v3.0.4

Update the following directories :

  • bin
  • lib
  • web

About configuration files

In "config/pipeline/simplepipeline.xml" file, the new setting for LanguageDetector stage is :


Backup first your crawler database !!!

Execute the upgrade script

mysql -uxxx -pxxx crawler < install/crawler/mysql/upgrade/v3-0-4.sql

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